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Help with Data Breaches - 24/7 emergency service

For a variety of reasons, a data breach can occur at any time in an organization, despite the greatest possible precautions. Wherever people work, the following simply applies: People make mistakes!

However, it is crucial that errors are dealt with properly. With regard to data breaches, this means having a clean guideline for dealing with data breaches actively managing them. The least favourable of all variants is to simply sweep a data breach under the carpet.

We support you preventively by developing and implementing defined escalation processes for data breaches and simulate incidents with you to test the escalation processes.

We act as an emergency team within an escalation process or help spontaneously with know-how and operational experience in unplanned situations.

In short: We are available to you as experienced data protection experts, even at short notice!

In case of an emergency, please call us directly at 030 – 20 88 999 – 0.

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