Data Protection Audit

data protection audit, Datenschutz-audit

How well are you positioned in data protection? A data protection audit brings clarity!

A data protection audit examines the current status of the data privacy measures implemented in an organization. In this respect, a data protection audit provides valuable insights into possible weaknesses. As with all compliance topics, the following also applies to data protection: “Prevention is better than cure”.

In other words, if deficiencies, risks, or weaknesses are identified, measures must be derived to eliminate them. The data protection audit is therefore the starting point for improvement processes.

A data protection audit can take the form of an internal or external audit. We conduct data protection audits for customers for the entire organization, sub-areas, or individual topics. We audit regularly or selectively according to customer requirements. If we are appointed as a data protection officer, audits are part of our statutory duties.

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We support our clients with data protection audits in their improvement processes or certify the reviewed data protection situation within the scope of data protection reports or audit reports.

If you require a data protection audit and would like to find out more about our services or our approach, please do not hesitate to contact us.