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Data Protection Coaching
& Training

Raising awareness through data protection training

An important component of comprehensive data privacy management is the sensitization of all employees in a company or organization involved in the processing of personal data. Ideally, this awareness is raised through regular data privacy training. A basic data protection training course should be followed by repeated data protection training courses on an annual basis.

We offer data privacy training as classroom training, webinars or e-learning via our learning platform.

To keep the costs for data protection training under control, a mix of classroom training, webinar and e-learning is our recommendation. As a general rule, it is advisable to conduct the first data protection training session as a classroom training session or at least as a webinar. The procedure here also depends on the level of risk of the data processed by the employees in each case.

Contact us and we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for your data protection training.

A little advertising on our own behalf: Our data protection training courses receive excellent ratings from participants. Data protection does not have to be a dry subject and our participants confirm this!

Our focus in data protection training

At its core, the aim is to achieve a basic understanding of data protection by first imparting the necessary fundamental knowledge as part of data protection training. We usually cover the following points:

  • Why data privacy and data privacy training? What is protected by data privacy?
  • What personal data may be processed at all?
  • What principles must be observed? Who is responsible?
  • What do I have to observe in my everyday work? Which technical and organizational measures are relevant for me?
  • What is a data breach and what should be done?
  • What rights does the individual have and how do I recognize them?
  • Third-country transfer
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Data protection must be trained on a regular basis. In our refresher training courses, we repeat the basic knowledge and concentrate, after consultation with our customers, in these data protection training courses on selected focal points or in-depth topics, including:

  • “Photos & GDPR” (especially event photography),
  • “Everything about order processing management”,
  • “Transfer of data to third countries – What to do after Schrems II”,
  • Data protection incidents and the criticality of the 72-hour period,
  • Data subject rights and how to recognize them,
  • Cyberattacks (especially since the sharp increase in recent months).

In on-site training courses and webinars, we address current topics that are of particular relevance to customers. However, we are also happy to design and implement individual training courses for our customers.

In the context of prevention, we also offer simulations of security incidents (e.g., phishing attacks) to check the effectiveness of the technical and organizational measures implemented and to work together with all parties involved to continuously optimize the technical and organizational measures (TOM).


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